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Whether you are missing one tooth or a lot, Marylebone Dental care specialise in designing custom solutions for you. Our expert dentists create dentures that are comfortable, fit securely, and look natural.

Along with dental implants and dental bridges, dentures are another effective way to restore your smile due to missing teeth. Missing teeth can be caused by accident, gum disease or natural ageing, however, for all of these cases, the loss can still be traumatic.

If you’re feeling self-aware and unconformable about your appearance due to a missing tooth or teeth, dentures could be a very practical and affordable solution for you so rest assure, Marylebone Dental Care can help put a smile back on your face.

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What are dentures?

Dentures are prostheses that are designed to replace single or missing teeth. They are constructed to be removable, which makes maintenance and care much easier. They are made of variety of dental materials including acrylic, nylon, porcelain, resin, or metal. The denture framework is generally made from acrylic, nylon, or metal.

Dentures at Marylebone Dental Centre

Depending on whether a few or a large proportion of your teeth are going to be replaced, you may require a partial or full set of dentures.

A full set of dentures comprises of a pink flesh-coloured base that fits perfectly over your gums and roof of your mouth for the upper denture and your gums and jawbone for the lower part of your mouth, leaving space to accommodate your tongue.

Partial dentures replace just one tooth or a few missing teeth and fit securely in a section of your mouth.

Previously, dentures were widely known for not being very comfortable. However, with the development of modern materials and techniques, custom made dentures can fit perfectly in your mouth giving you an extremely natural appearance, while providing a very practical and functional solution for your missing teeth.

Like your natural teeth, dentures need good care. Your dentist at Marylebone Dental Care will explain the proper aftercare needed to ensure you will live confidently with your dentures.

As with other prostheses, they do require regular maintenance. Dentures can last several year, but it is important to visit your dentist regularly so they can check for any problems. Your dentures may need to be relined, remade, or rebased over time due to normal wear.

If you already have denture and find them uncomfortable or your dentures no longer fit like they used to, please contact us at Marylebone Dental Care.

We are very experienced in dealing with these situations and are available to replace, reline, rebasing your existing dentures. Also, in the case of an emergency, where your dentures have been broken, we are available to quickly repair or replace the denture.

Dental Bridges

One way to replace a missing tooth is using a dental bridge. Here the dentist can close the gap -or bridge- the gap using a dental bridge or false tooth. It is held in place by the abutment teeth on either side of the gap.

Dental Implants

Dental implants provide, in most cases, a permanent solution for replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth in different places. It is a very common and reliable method for replacing teeth, that looks and feels really natural. A long-term investment that will keep you smiling!

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