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Dental Decay

If it’s your first visit to our Marylebone Dental Care practice, your dentist will take your full dental and medical history. You will be encouraged to discuss any concerns or problems you may have regarding your teeth. Following this, a thorough assessment of your existing oral health will be performed, which includes a 16 point check inside and outside your mouth. Oral cancer screening is routinely performed as part of this assessment. X-rays will be taken, if necessary which can help identify…..

If any problems are identified, they will be explained by your dentist and information on all available treatment options will be provided, so you can make an informed decision on your dental care.

What are the treatments for dental decay?

Treatments for dental decay depend on a number of factors, including the extent of the damage to the tooth. Unsurprisingly, the best treatment is prevention.

Consuming sugary foods and drinks allows the bacteria to produce the damaging acids that soften the protective enamel and promote dental decay.

Here at Marylebone Dental Care we really believe in the importance of prevention as the best action against dental decay.

We are dedicated to spending time with you to ensure you understand the importance of dental hygiene. Your lifestyle; eating and drinking habits, and hygiene routine significantly impact your oral health. Having a good brushing technique and flossing habits are essential and the best protection against dental decay. We are committed to providing you with information, advice and tips so you know how to manage your oral health effectively.

If prevention isn’t possible, dental decay treatments may include topical medications or if the damage to the tooth cannot be reversed a filling may be needed.

Finding dental decay early may avoid the need for a filling and that’s why we stress the significances of routine dental check-ups. However, if a filling is needed, our dentists use the most recent techniques to preserve the health of your tooth and restore it’s appearance.

Above all our dentists advocate the importance of prevention and a minimally invasive approach.

Gingival (Gum) Health

Gum disease otherwise known as periodontitis is a common problem and can cause bleeding or painful gums however, most often, patients will be unaware that there is a problem as they are symptomless.

Tooth Wear

Tooth wear is a gradual and complex process which leads to the loss of dental hard tissue. This enamel loss can be caused by frequent acid exposures from food and drink (eg fizzy drinks).

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