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Why choose us?

  • Exceptional care from top dentists
  • Treatment carried out on the same emergency appointment.
  • New patients welcome
  • Same-day root canal treatment or tooth extraction when necessary
  • Dental Sedation is available
  • Only the best materials used
  • Excellent reviews
  • Central Marylebone Clinic
  • Highest level of cleaning and medical sanitising

Emergency Dentist

Marylebone Dental Care are here to assist in the event of a dental emergency and will offer same day appointments whenever possible.

Whether you have had an accident and cracked or broken a tooth or maybe you have a swollen cheek and have a painful tooth infection. We are on call to provide you with emergency treatment to both registered and new patients.

Some common dental emergencies:

  • Cracked tooth
  • Broken tooth
  • Toothache
  • Broken braces
  • Gum or soft tissue mouth injuries
  • Swollen gum
  • Lost fillings
  • Lost crown

Book an emergency appointment now

Our team responds quickly to dental emergencies and strives to give the necessary treatment to patients as soon as possible. Patients can arrange an emergency appointment online through our booking system, or by calling us on 0208 050 9873.

Emergency Appointments with Dr J. Wheeler

Dr Julie Wheeler is one of London’s top general dentist and clinical teacher at King’s College London.

Dental Insurance Accepted

If you have dental insurance you will be provided with the necessary documentation after the treatment to enable you to make a claim from your insurance company.

Root Canal

If bacteria gets inside the root canal area it can infect the dental pulp. When this soft tissue becomes infected it is important to remove it in order to avoid further spreading, and ultimately preserve the structure of the natural tooth. We offer full Root Canal treatment.

Tooth Removal

Tooth extraction is usually a last resort and a dentist will look at all the available options to repair a tooth before considering tooth extraction. Our team at Marylebone Dental Care will discuss all of the options with you enabling you to make an informed decision about your dental care.

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You deserve to have a beautiful and healthy smile.
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