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If you think you might need a tooth removed, get in touch with us now to book you in for an assessment at our central London clinic, in the heart of Marylebone. 


Our experienced dentist perform root canal treatment to remove the infection from the inner dental pulp that is causing tooth damage and pain. Our dentists can often give same-day appointments at our centrally located London clinic, in the heart of Marylebone. Contact us now for your appointment.

emergency dentist

Marylebone Dental Care is here to assist in the event of a dental emergency. Whether you have had an accident, cracked or broken tooth or maybe you have a swollen cheek, we are ready to help.


Are you looking for an air-polished smile!? Our excellent hygienist team at Marylebone Dental Care use the latest techniques to ensure your teeth are cleaned and looked after.


Our excellent hygienist team at Marylebone Dental Care are here to provide hygienist appointments in a gentle manner with outstanding attention to detail providing you with a clean and healthy smile.

dentures london

Whether you are missing one tooth or many, we are top London denture dentists renowned for providing high-quality complete dentures and partial dentures.


A dental bridge is a solution for replacing missing teeth and Marylebone Dental Care has the experience and expertise to create perfectly fitting dentures.


Treatments > Tooth Replacement  Treatments Dental Implants Would you like to find a long-lasting solution…

Living with a missing tooth especially if it’s visible when you smile, can make you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. It can also cause oral health problems such as food trapping, affects your speech or cause changes to shifts in the tooth alignment. If your missing multiple teeth, it can also cause problems with jaw instability.

Professional tooth whitening is a procedure provided by the dentists at Marylebone Dental Care to lighten the colour of your teeth and their natural attractiveness. This procedure when provided by dentists is a safe way to improve the appearance and can be done gradually to allow a subtle change to the colour of the teeth.

composite bonding

Composite bonding is a great solution to give you a smile you are happier with, involving minor dental work. This non-invasive procedure is highly effective and can improve minor damage to teeth very quickly.


Treatments > Tooth Repair Treatments Dental Veneers What are dental veneers? Dental veneers are another type…