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How to find a dentist in London

Finding a dentist near where you live or work can be difficult especially if you are new to the area. Here’s our useful guide to finding a dentist near you.

How to find a dentist near me?

Phone a friend

Ask friends and colleagues if they can recommend their dentist, this is a good starting point in the search for a dentist. Having someone you know recommend a dentist can take away an element of the unknown especially if you are a nervous patient.

Do your research

Check if your dentist has the necessary skills that you may need to help with a certain conditions such gum disease or TMJ problems. A general dentist is able to diagnose and treat a wide variety of dental conditions but sometimes may ask a specialist dentist to assist diagnosing or treating certain conditions.

Convenient Opening Hours

Check opening hours to ensure that making a trip to the dentist can be convenient with your schedule. Here at Marylebone Dental Care, we offer early morning and evening appointments to allow you fit your appointment around your busy life.

Dental Insurance

Check what dental insurance is accepted as each practice is different. Most dental insurance companies in the UK work on a pay on the basis that you pay upfront and claim back after your treatment. Some dental practice offer a practice plan such as Denplan whereby you pay a monthly fee in return for the provision of dental care and an insurance if you have dental trauma or if you need to see another dentist if you are away from your area.

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